SPC (Stone Polymer Core) is a revolutionary new flooring product. Consisting of extruded stone, SPC has an array of new features not found in any other composite flooring product category.

  • SPC is 100% water proof, and is warranted for environments with extreme temperature variations such as sun rooms and 3 season cottages.
  • SPC will remain dimensionally stable from -40 degrees Celsius all the way up to +40 degrees Celsius.
  • SPC can also be installed in large format installations, 100' by 100', without any transitions.
  • SPC is 100% PVC free, void of any vinyl, which gives SPC its unique characteristics.

Sono by Inhaus

Kennedy Floorings is excited to be able to offer the all new Sono collection by Inhaus.

Sono is our premium SPC flooring featuring a ceramic core and direct to core digital printing, including all the benefits and features that SPC has to offer!