Caring and maintaining your flooring from Kennedy Floorings is a breeze. To ensure a satisfactory experience, please follow the Care & Maintenance Guide below detailing what do to after installation, basic cleaning, and maintenance for all hard surface flooring from Kennedy Floorings. 


Quick Overview:

  • Ensure your flooring remains in a suitable environmental conditions as outlined in the installation guide for you flooring.

  • For floors installed with adhesive, please wait 5 days before using a wet mop to allow the adhesive to fully cure.

  • Use felt pads under all furniture legs, such as chairs, tables, and couches.

  • Do not use rubber backed matting as rubber is known to discolour the wear layer on all types of composite flooring.

  • Only use PH neutral cleaners to clean your floor such as ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive cleaning pads.

  • Do not allow standing water to remain on the surface of your flooring as this may cause issues with the adhesive and sub floor.

Care & Maintenance Guide

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For additional care & maintenance support please call or email:

Ph: (204) 633-5720

Toll Free: (800) 665-7424