Kennedy Floorings flooring products were intelligently designed and manufactured to provide robust and low maintenance flooring systems for both residential and commercial applications. Following this guide is mandatory to validate the Exclusive Warranty and to guarantee a satisfactory experience.



  • Before and after installation, ensure that your flooring remains within the specified suitable environmental conditions outlined in the installation guide for your product.
  • For installations using adhesive wait 5 days before using a wet mop to clean your floors to allow the adhesive to fully bond to the sub floor and flooring. Flooring that utilized a click installation can be mopped immediately after installation is complete.
  • Immediately after installation, use a damp cloth to wipe up any excessive adhesive (if used in your installation) before it is allowed to cure. Adhesive that has dried can be removed using a plastic scrapper; do not use sharp or metallic scrapers to remove dried adhesive.
  • After installation, dry mop or vacuum the installation area to remove debris and dirt.
  • It is mandatory that felt pads are placed under the legs of all furniture such as couches, tables, and chairs. This will protect your floor from damage and allows furniture to effortlessly glide over the flooring. Damage to the surface of flooring from dragging objects across it is not covered by warranty.
  • When moving appliances or heavy objects over the flooring, ensure that sliding pads or protective blankets are used as damage caused by appliances is not covered under warranty.
  • Make sure that the floors are adequately protected during installation if other trades are working within the environment.Damage caused by workers within the installation area is not covered under warranty.
  • It is recommended for residential, and mandatory for commercial applications that a protective floor matting is used in entrances. Do not use rubber backed matting as it is known to discolour all wear layers and is not covered under warranty.
  • Immediately wipe off chemicals that can discolour and damage the flooring such as nail polish, varnish, acetone, paint, and solvent. Issues caused by these substances are not covered under warranty.



Your flooring from Kennedy Floorings is a breeze to clean as all of our products are manufactured with a robust urethane coated wear layer. Please follow the cleaning guide outlined below. Only use cleaners that are provided as examples.

  • Only use a neutral PH cleaner to clean your floors. ZEP Neutral Floor Cleaner or a mild detergent such as Dawn. Use of stronger detergents such as Pine Sol is acceptable provided that the floors are followed up with a rinse to remove any residue. Failure to rinse floors may cause a buildup of detergent and may dull the finish of your floor which is not covered under warranty. Cleaners only need to be used sparingly; more is not always better.
  • Use of abrasive and harsh cleaners such as bleach or solvents will void the wear warranty. Only use mops with non-abrasive fibers to clean your floor. Use of an automatic floor scrubber is acceptable with the use of a non-abrasive pad such as the 3M Red Pad (5100). Use of abrasive or polishing pads such as the 3M Black or Brown pad will void the wear warranty.
  • Remove standing water on the surface of your flooring as soon as possible. Although your flooring may be 100% water proof, standing water can seep into the sub-floor through the seams in the flooring causing issues with the adhesive and the formation of mildew within the sub-floor.


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